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Everything to know about football betting

Football wagering is tough but entertaining. A bettor winning a wager only occurs occasionally. แทงบอล losses can be attributed to several factors, including inexperience, favouritism, a lack of sports knowledge, and a faulty strategy. However, there must be some chances that bettors may take advantage of it to make money, right? The good news is that several football wagers are simple to understand and need little research, not just one or two. Let’s examine these simple wagers. The most common slot bets are point spreads, money lines, and total. In a point spread bet, the gambler bets on a team to prevail or lose by a certain amount of points.


Understand what qualifies a wager as an “easy bet” before proceeding down the list. Although this wager is less dangerous, the odds of success are higher. The gamblers are only calculating the chances of keeping the money safe; they are not engaging in any illegal activity to outsmart the bookmaker. Additionally, in these bets, the chance of going bankrupt is minimised. Because you are not laying a bet when making an easy bet, these bets are different from arbitrage bets.


It’s simple to wager on the number of goals in the first half. You should research the opening tactics used by competing teams. The first half of a game will include the quickest goals if both teams have powerful forward players who display aggressive attachment early on. Consequently, you might choose over/under 2/5. Because teams rarely choose that kind of energy to score five in the first half, under five goals is a stronger likelihood. Additionally, you can choose the over first-half goal bet if you’re searching for a simple value wager. When picking, it is preferable to keep the guess above 0.5 or 1.


A simple wager provides a higher chance to win without assuming too many risks. The wager is also simple to predict because the outcomes are clear-cut. An easy bet has the following characteristics:

At home, a good squad faces a weak team.

Since both sides are equally strong and content to share a point, a draw is more likely.

The wager does not need to pick the precise score.

Prop bets, such as those offered during live betting, have low odds and are simple to predict.

Placing a wager on a range of scores, such as being over 3 and similarly, all of the tipsters predicting the same result.

It takes much investigation to find an easy bet. You could experience being overwhelmed as a newbie due to the number of matches and chances. As a result, you could use the assistance of a soccer tipster who can offer a trustworthy judgement with more than 80% accuracy.

Types provide slot players with more options to choose from while putting their bets, which benefits them. Because various bet types have variable degrees of risk and profit, bettors must understand the various forms of bets and their hazards. This can help people make better-informed decisions when placing wagers, which might provide more positive outcomes. Gamblers should become familiar with all the different wagers offered because each one has different odds and payouts.


Here are a few of the simplest bets to win and give gamblers a good chance to make some money. These wagers are a financial safety net and could keep the bettor’s current account.


Bettors who follow a BTTS bet must choose whether or not all teams will score a goal. Bitter rivals collide in most games where both sides have a good chance of scoring. They don’t let the adversary quickly seize control. When two teams of comparable strength or capacity face-off, the game ends with goals recorded on each side.


When you pick a lesser number as your reference, the Over/Under bet may favour you. The over/under figure can be set at a low point of 0.5 in some games where both sides are adept goal scorers. In this scenario, you will only lose the wager if the game results in a clean slate, which seems improbable. Second, the bet is a little simpler because you are not guessing an exact number but rather a range.

Double chance wager

With this wager, you make money if one of the two possible conclusions are realised. This means that if you have to bet on the chance of a draw or loss, even a match ending in a draw pays off. It’s simple to win at 1×2 betting with a double chance.


If the game is a draw, the draw-no bet is void, and the stake is returned to the player. As a result, the odds value lies between the match outcome market and the double chance market. The double chance is 1/8, whereas the match result has an odd of 1/2. Therefore, the 1/6 chance of a draw with no wager on a game involving a team like Chelsea or Leeds provides a better possibility to win while still protecting your investment. The bettor doesn’t completely lose their stake because the wager is void in the event of a draw. When the favourite is unclear, the wager performs well.

Slot betting is the process of betting on an event’s result. Since the introduction of the internet, innovation, and globalisation, gambling has become more well-known and popular. You can place a slot machine wager through bookies, online casinos, and even betting exchanges.

Slots gambling, a well-known kind of gambling, has grown in popularity due to the introduction of online betting platforms. It’s a pleasant way for individuals to take part in an activity with the potential to earn money while displaying their knowledge of slots.


At, the majority of the simple football betting odds are covered. The top counsellors that provide precise predictions on all football wagers are available to bettors at this tipster website. For information on under/over, BTTS, half-time/full-time Asian handicap, and other topics, visit this website. With tipster support, the simple wagers get simpler. So, if you have any questions about straightforward wagers, you can ask the greatest football tipster for assistance.